Christmas Music FREE

Merry Christmas!

Stephen, Rosanne, Joshua and Jordan
would all like to take this opportunity to
wish you a Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New 2008AD!

Thanks for learning with us!


Now, how about some Christmas Carols & Hymns?

There are over 2000 pieces of sheet music
linked here! Have fun...


Following these links will take you to an external 
sheet music website.

These sites are NOT operated by us, 
and their content is beyond our control.

Gilbert de Benedetti's G-major Theory
Probably the easiest Christmas carols, all with MIDI files!

Noel Noel Noel!
Here you will find the simplest carols (Big Note),
as well as lead sheet and full piano arrangements.

M-Files UK - Carols
Christmas carols and more...

Christmas Carol Music.Org

Hymns & Carols Of Christmas
A huge database of carols!

Operation Letter To Santa
Christmas favourites in standard piano score


To play the MIDI Files best,
we recommend the vanBasco Karaoke Player
(it will let you change the pitch and tempo of the MIDI files,
which Media Player and Quicktime won't).


Would you like to read a summary of the 
Christmas Story from the Bible?

Download a copy in Acrobat pdf format here.


Would you like to hear some carols?

Here are some public domain carol recordings...

Feels Like Christmas

Christmas MpFree

LibriVox Christmas_Carol_Collection 2006

Christmas Celebration

Uncle Dave's Free Christmas Tunes

Garritan Community Christmas
Absolutely outstanding! Created entirely using Virtual Synthesis!

de Ford Music - Christmas
Be Warned! This site also links to Mormon sites.
Learn more about the problems of cults like Mormonism


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We teach morning, after-school and evening classes.
Please call on
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