Thank You!

I would like to extend a HUGE Thank You 
to all my students and their parents.

You have all done extremely well in exams this year.
This is due to your practise, persistence, and patience 
(especially with the new general knowledge requirements).

I am especially proud of the senior students that have done their 
AMEB 7th Grade and 8th Grade exams this year. 
The LOWEST mark attained was HONOURS.

Here are some comments made by different examiners from 
three different AMEB series, as well as the AIM exams, and our own exams.

Thank you for making my teaching so enjoyable and worthwhile!


A conscientious approach to your piano studies is obvious, 
and the playing technically assured. There was always musical meaning in the presentation. Enjoyable playing, showing intelligence and care. 
(8th Grade, Honours)

...excellent understanding of all signs and symbols, 
even offering extra information... (Preliminary, Distinction)

Well done! It is refreshing to hear this Russian piece played so stylistically. 
(3rd Grade, Honours) have a wonderful understanding of the music and play with spirit... (Preliminary, Honours)

...Your demonstration of your technical skill was very good. 
You also demonstrate musicality and understanding of your pieces... 
(4th Grade, Honours)

Well prepared! Each piece had its own unique character - as it should at this level. (7th Grade, Honours)

...You played with accuracy and skill. A well prepared performance... 
(3rd Grade, Honours)

...You have excellent technical skill and stylistic understanding... 
(4th Grade, High Credit)

Your performance and understanding of accurate baroque technique is remarkable. (6th Grade, Honours)

...You play with great skill, accuracy, sensitivity, and attention to detail. 
You demonstrate understanding of style and your interpretations are fantastic. 
I thoroughly enjoyed your music. Thank you! 
(8th Grade, Honours)

Good understanding of the written music, composers, styles and periods. 
Your explanation of form and structure was also good 
(7th Grade, Credit)

You play beautifully. I love the sensitivity, accuracy, and sense of style that you demonstrate. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. Thank you! 
(2nd Grade, High Credit)

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