Our Modern Teaching Facilities

These are actual photos of our studios

Computer Lab: this is available for students to do Interactive Theory,
or for skills development for the new AMEB MusicCraft Syllabus.

A powerful 3-keyboard organ allows organ students flexibility to perform in a variety of styles.

Contemporary Teaching Studio: this teaching room offers the latest Roland equipment for music backings.
These are available for most modern music courses, including 
Alfreds, Microjazz, AMEB, Contest Winners, & Complete Piano Player.

Synthesizers: a range of modern keyboards and modules are available.
We also teach MIDI and computer audio courses.

Group Work: we have excellent small group facilities. 
We use these for Theory workshops, and for our 
VTAB standard courses in Audio Engineering (Sound Production).

Auditorium: we have a small auditorium with seating for up to 40 people, with suitable PA and lighting.

This lets our students perform for parents and friends at our mini-concerts.

FREE Practise Piano: a digital piano is often available for free, to allow students to practise.

Government Education Provider

Our head teacher has over 20 years teaching experience, and has worked as a music consultant for The NSW Department of Education, Roland, Kawai, & several TAFE Colleges.

The school is a Gazetted Government Education Provider.

Very few private music teachers have this status.


Recording Studio Facilities

Our soundproof studio offers students the ability to record using advanced sound modules and synthesizers, master in 32-bit digital audio, laser print scores at 1200dpi, and record to either CD or DVD (with their own video clip if they want!).

We use the latest software, such as 
Adobe Audition, Finale, Logic & EXS-24.

Audio is processed by 24bit pro-tools standard hardware,
with thousands of samples, loops and audio cels available.

Video facilities are also available, with editing in many formats.

HSC students are welcome to book time to do their projects!


Workshops & Courses

Each semester we offer workshops on subjects like:
Digital Recording; Computer Basics; 
How To Upgrade Your Computer; Making Your Own CD's etc.

We also offer VTAB music industry courses, 
utilizing not only our excellent facilities,
but also working studios in Sydney.


Disability & Equipment Access

With driveway access, no steps, and wide doors, access is easy!


Other Resources

We have a music library with around 200 books and 2000 CD's. 
Binding & laminating are also available on-site.

We have A4/A3 photocopying, and an official Government Copyright License (SE-3887), allowing us to make legal copies for students. 
Very few teachers have for this license.

We have 1,800 MIDI files, a range of legal music software that we have arranged to distribute FREE to our students, and an assortment of FREE classical music books.


Child Sponsorship

SMC and the students support Kalkidan Semegn, 
a young girl from Woreda, Ethopia.

Students can write to Kalkidan if they wish: 
her letters to us are published in our newsletter.


Waiting Facilities For Parents

We have comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors. Tea and coffee facilities are available.

The attendance (and indeed the participation) of 
parents at music lessons is welcome!

Younger students often benefit from the encouragement of a parent;
and teachers benefit by having someone at home that knows what should be practised.


Timetable & Vacancies

We teach morning, after-school and evening classes.
Please call on
4751-6196 for an appointment.


Legal Stuff

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