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  12 April, 2007AD   -   Version 5 website

  • Major update (again!)
  • Version 4 website worked on most resolutions, but this was achieved by having a 750 pixel wide site stuck in the top left-hand corner of the monitor. At low resolutions, the site filled most (if not all) of the screen. However, many people are using larger (and wider) screens. For these people, the site left a massive amount of white space.
  • The new site 'floats' in the centre of the screen, adjusting to the users browser resolution.
  • The last website used New Times Roman and Ariel as the main fonts. These are safe fonts (every system has them), but they suffer from poor legibility (they are difficult to read on-screen). Therefore I switched to Georgia, Verdana, and Trebuchet.
  • The old site was not really compatible with 640x400. Users now have an option to use an HTML-only version of the site to overcome this issue.
  • Colour overhaul. I am trying a much darker design for more contrast.
  • Massive amounts of new content added, including: FAQ, Sitemap, Music Dictionary, Manuscript Paper, Links.
  • I have added my own sub-page to keep my controversial thoughts off the business page. This includes Religion & Politics.
  • Most of the graphics have been converted to PNG format.
  • Support for non-frames browsers is added.


  7 March, 2007AD   -   Version 4 website

  • OK, so we are updating much more rapidly now!
  • Site navigation and layout totally redesigned. The site now utilitizes Javascript, Dynamic HTML, Ajax, & CSS.
  • The site runs in all resolutions from 800x600 and higher.
  • Sky blues and soft fades predominate.
  • Auto-cycling quotes added.


  20 January, 2007AD   -   Version 3 website

  • After eight years of no updates, the new site is launched on a new host.
  • The site is completely HTML based, and is viewable on 640x480 and above.
  • Information on lessons and facilities is included.
  • One song and two audio files are online for free download.


  20 November, 1998AD   -   Version 2 website

  • Page counter finally works.
  • FrontPage98's Hover Buttons replaced with better applets.
  • Re-designed menu system & enhanced navigation.
  • Mini Sitemap implemented (will only work in Netscape 4.05 or higher & IE4.0 or higher).
  • Text-based menus added for those with java and/or security violation difficulties (not quite working yet...)
  • New pages for Joshua and Jordan added.
  • I believe TRUE 800 x 600 support is now properly implemented (if you have problems, please e-mail me).
  • For MUCH faster performance, Internet Explorer 4 users can now select TOGGLE IMAGES (if they have IE4 Power Toys installed), as the majority of this site now works fine without having to download any graphics at all..
  • Students Performance page is finally here.
  • Support for non-frame browsers added. Site now supports hi-res frames (1024x768 & 800x600), low-res frames (640x480 (sort of...)), and non-frames.
  • Kawai, Roland, and BandTrax product catalogues added.
  • ??? Of The Month Page and What's On (Cinema) page added.
  • Music Teachers Directory now has menu by instrument type.
  7 September, 1998AD   -   Version 1 website
  • Site comes online.



Timetable & Vacancies

We teach morning, after-school and evening classes.
Please call on
4751-6196 for an appointment.


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