Music Examinations

Exams are NOT compulsory!

However, for many students they provide fabulous benefits.

Exams provide a goal for students.

Exams provide a framework of basic skills.

Exams let everyone (parents, student & teacher) 
know what level the student is at.


We proudly offer a range of music examinations to suit all students.

This includes the official Government exams, 
known as the AMEB exams
(The Australian Music Examinations Board).

The AMEB has several music examinations, including:

Pianoforte (NS)
the traditional piano exam.

Piano For Leisure (PFL)
An exam that offers a mixture of classical & modern pieces,
whilst still maintaining a high standard of excellence.

Music Craft 
A new syllabus that combines the best of the old 
and Musicianship Syllabuses.
For 2007, our students can sit this exam FOR FREE, saving up to $80


Other exams available:
We offer other exam syllabus, such as Trinity & Guild.

We also offer our own external examinations, 
and annual assessments.


Exam Information Kit

Stephen has over 20 years experience in 
preparing students for exams.

To assist parents and students, he has prepared an exceptional 
16 page Kit that covers all aspects of music exams.

The Kit includes:
Exam Practise & Preparation Hints; A Complete Guide To Exams For Parents; Music History Listening Guide; Great Keyboard Players Guide;
Music Theory Terms; Music General Knowledge Reference:
and complete typeset scale and technical sheets for most grades.

This kit is available to our students.
It clearly shows our commitment to help parents and students 
get the BEST results, but also encourages them to have 
fun learning the piano too!


Massive Range Of Music

In the past, many students (especially boys) haven't wanted to do exams, simply because many of the pieces were, well, boring!!!

Now, you can play EXCITING music!

The choice of music is MASSIVE.
You can still play a range of classical pieces (including baroque and romantic, of course!), but there are cool jazz, rock, movie themes, and pop songs on the syllabus too.

Why not download this years' Syllabus Pieces and see for yourself!

Click HERE to download the 2007 Piano Syllabus for Grades 0 to 3 as an Acrobat PDF file (442K)
Most computers already have Adobe® Acrobat®, but if you need it, click here:


Other Music We Use For Exams

Here are just a few examples of other music we carry in stock,
that we use and recommend for students doing exams.



Music Reference Sheets

We've put substantial effort into making sure that 
students can learn easily,
without extra expense for parents.

Our helpful A4/A3 reference charts cover 
note values, music terms, basic theory, CD listening
music history guides, flash cards, scale charts etc.
These are mostly free to students.


Information Sheets

Stephen studied Computer Science at Sydney Uni, 
and is also a qualified Audio Engineer. 

With these skills he has written info sheets on Building & Configuring Your Computer, Using mp3 Players For Practise, etc. 


Music & The Developing Brain

One of our popular Information Sheets. 
Read why music is important for your child.

Click on the image below to download the Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Most computers already have Adobe® Acrobat®, but if you need it, click here:


Other Resources

We have a music library with around 200 books and 2000 CD's. Binding & laminating are also available on-site.

We have A4/A3 photocopying, and an official Government Copyright License (SE-3887), allowing us to make legal copies for students. Very few teachers qualify for this license.

We have 1,800 MIDI files, a range of legal music software that we have arranged to distribute FREE to our students, and an assortment of FREE classical music books.

Timetable & Vacancies

We teach morning, after-school and evening classes.
Please call on
4751-6196 for an appointment.


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