We've Been Teaching For Over 20 Years

We began teaching in 1984. In that time we have taught 
hundreds of students to play piano, organ & synthesizer.

Dozens of our HSC students have
finished in the top decile in the State.

Three of our students have been nominated for 
HSC Performance Express.

Two have won special awards for excellence in Written Theory.

Over 4oo students have performed in public.

Several students have gone on to successful music careers,
including internationally.

Music composed here has been used on SBS Television.
One student has had her song performed nationally (and earns royalties), another has released a commercially successful CD. 

Over 20 students have become church musicians.


Environmentally Friendly

We've taken several steps to ensure 
that our school is energy efficient.

We use mainly 6000K electronically-ballasted
high-efficiency fluorescent lighting.

Our electricity is Green energy, supplied by Origen.

All water is filtered.

The school is thoroughly insulated.



We believe that we live in the best country in the World.

In the lottery of life, we are winners:
we live in a country where we are mostly free,
with fabulous potential for health, safety, and education.

It is our responsibility to help those less lucky.
(Let's be honest, no matter how intelligent or skillful you are,
if you'd been born in Sudan you almost certainly wouldn't
have the lifestyle and opportunities you do today)

For this reason, we give at least 1% of gross income to charity.


Child Sponsorship

SMC and the students support Kalkidan Semegn, 
a young girl from Woreda, Ethopia.

Students can write to Kalkidan if they wish: 
her letters to us are published in our newsletter.


Waiting Facilities For Parents

We have comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors. Tea and coffee facilities are available.

The attendance (and indeed the participation) of 
parents at music lessons is welcome!

Younger students often benefit from the encouragement of a parent;
and teachers benefit by having someone at home that knows what should be practised.


Timetable & Vacancies

We teach morning, after-school and evening classes.
Please call on
4751-6196 for an appointment.


Legal Stuff

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